One of the common symptoms of Genital Warts are flesh-colored, soft-to-the-touch bumps on the skin of the genital area and around the anus, gradually these bumps will cluster and form a kind of “cauliflower” appearance. These bumps can cause mild bleeding, irritation and infection due to itchiness. One of the main transmissions is through sexual intercourse with an HPV-infected patient.

Friendly Reminder

Incubation Period

The incubation period ranges from a several weeks to six months or longer.


Genital warts are often confused with pearly penile papules (hirsutoid papillomas). Please note that pearly papules are harmless. In case of any doubt please seek medical advice.

Preventive Measure

How do I find out if I am infected with Genital Warts

If you have discovered flesh-colored bumps around your sexual organ or anus then you should seek medical advice immediately, physicians can diagnose whether you have infected with Genital Warts through medical observation. Sometimes, physicians will apply pale vinegar-like solution on affected area as an indication of whether the patient has been infected, if the affected area turns into white color then it is safe to confirm that you have been infected with Genital Warts.


Unfortunately at this moment Genital Warts cannot be cured completely, yet it can be contained through proper treatment. The treatment includes liquid nitrogen freezing, laser or ablation surgery. Patient can apply prescription ointment to the affected area to reduce the size and quantity of the Genital warts. If you are suspecting of Genital Warts infection, please seek medical advice and avoid self-medication.

Friendly Reminder

If you are diagnosed with Genital Warts, you are recommended to use the following ways and means to reduce your symptoms and to avoid infecting your sex partner: