Peer Programme

Community Outreach

We hope to lead deeper discussions with the local community through outreach, as well as to build a trusting relationship with them, and to raise their understanding of HIV prevention measures. The outreach team extends to places that MSM gathers, for example, gay bars, sauna and established parties. The staff will explain knowledge of safe sex to the community, and provide sexual health supplies. If needed, follow-up referrals to HIV testing will be arranged.

Outreach via the Internet

Complementary to the advanced development of the internet and MSM’s rocketing use of the World Wide Web, we place a great share of outreach on the internet platform. We hope to promote appropriate knowledge of sex & safe sex and encourage sexual health checks effectively. Just as we update the latest news of AIDS Concerns on our website and other social media platform, the public can express their views too. This mutual communication will help us understand the community better.
One of the best aspects of the internet is multimedia, hence we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in our online outreach. We have established a website tailored to the MSM community ( It allows visitors to obtain the latest work of AIDS Concern and information about HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Moreover, we advertise safe sex-related messages on several MSM websites and social dating apps. We too enter online chat rooms that are popular amongst MSM to answer any questions about HIV/AIDS and sexual health. Lastly, we are active on social media (Facebook/Instagram: @ac_m2m), promoting sexual health information, advocating for sexual minority and engaging the MSM community.